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We have a variety of uniforms for the different purposes.


  1. O level class uniform is grey trouser/ skirt and white shirt/ blouse. The shirt is short sleeved and the blouse is long sleeved.
  2. O level after class wear is black trouser/ skirt and green T-shirt for boys and blue line sleeved blouse for the girls.
  3. A level is grey trouser/skirt and a cream short sleeved shirt for the boys and long sleeves for the girls. After class uniform is the same as O level, (black and green for boys, black and blue for girls.



  1. Friday wear is a black Hijab for girls and a white Tunic (Kanzu) for boys. A white veil is compulsory for girls from Monday to Thursday while a black veil is mandatory for Friday, weekends and after class wear.
  2. Thanawi students have a special uniform, grey dress with a white Jalabib for girls and a white Tunic for boys and a grey trouser at all times.