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Asalam aleikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Welcome to Emirates college school Nkoowe.

At Emirates college Nkoowe,  it’s a menu that the customer wouldn’t afford to miss an ingredient! From a catalogue of a rich secular education system through an enriched Theology section, a rich co-curricular environment,  vocational section, all the way to the most conducive study environment….., Emirates is a home away from home for the learners. We inculcate a high level of discipline envisaged within the Islamic set up but fully accommodative to all other  religious affiliations. We take extra caution about the welfare of our learners and as the saying goes, ‘work without play makes him a dull boy’, we value much the entertainment of our learners within the stipulated periods. Join us, leave the rest to us, insha’Allah.

Nakiyingi Mariam.